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The 10 Best Videos of People Poorly Explaining ‘Star Wars’

The Person: Intern Julie

Best Quotes:

  • "Star Wars is about, like, a father and a son? It’s a father and a son and…they don’t like each other."
  • "The one guy wears white, and he’s Luke and….I said ‘Starwalker’ but that’s not his name."
  • "The dad wears black and he wears…he makes that weird breathing noise….That guy’s name is Dark Vader?"
  • "They have glowsticks though, right?"

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Sporting a unique double-barrel design, the Gilboa Snake is built to deliver twice the firepower.

Chambered in .223 Rem./5.56 NATO, the Snake incorporates two bolt carriers and dual 9.5-inch barrels with 1:7 twist. It fires from a proprietary piston-driven system and feeds from standard AR-15 magazines. Ambidextrous manipulation of the safety selector, magazine release and charging handle is possible from either side of the receiver.

Having two separate triggers allows users to deliver rounds through each barrel independently or simultaneously, and the firearm can be obtained with a single ATF registration as a short barreled rifle (SBR). Gilboa also plans to release another version of the snake with 16-inch barrels that won’t require SBR paperwork.

In the web exclusive photo gallery and video below, we examine and test fire the Gilboa Snake at the Academi Training Facility in Moyock, North Carolina.

You have my interest and attention.

(Source: gunsandammo.com)